Saturday, April 25, 2009

Excuses, excuses

As soon as I started my blog, I stopped posting.

It has been a very busy, yet uneventful month. Well, I suppose it was been slightly eventful... I mean, I did graduate from USU last week. I got my Associates Degree in General Studies with an emphasis in Art. Although my diploma doesn't say that there is an emphasis in Art, I like to add that in since practically all of my electives were art classes.

Other that, nothing too eventful has happened. I spent all of this week getting ready for the end of the semester, and now I am done with everything except for my final photography portfolio. This means that it is almost move out time! I'm moving out in less than a week, and I am ecstatic! I cannot wait to move back to Idaho Falls (where I will live with my parents for a few weeks, and then get an apartment with some of my friends!).

One significant thing that has happened over the past few weeks is my new found obsession with side walk chalk! Haha! I've done it just about every weekend this month!

I drew this masterpiece right outside a woman's restroom in the park!

It was short-lived. From what I hear, city employees washed the concrete less than twelve hours after I drew this. I guess my art is too edgy for the city of Idaho Falls.